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Testeur de pression interne et de résistance

Technical characteristics :

· More efficient automatic test

· Results automatically sent to software

· Integrated PLC, using touch screen

· Different test cycles, up to 16 stored. Up to 4 stages of pressure and hold programmed

· Test cycles stored in memory

· Linear pressurization

· Can store 30 products and 10 operators

· User defined serial and sequence number

· Test curve visible in real time

· INOX design for greater durability

· Secure doors

· Overload protection

· Measuring range: 0-60 bar

· Accuracy: 0.1 bar

· Units: bar/psi

· Power: 220 V / 50Hz

· Dissipation: 1000 VA

· Air inlet: 6~8 bar

· Water inlet: ≥1.5 bar

· Sample range: Max 3.5 L

· Data output: Standard serial port, PC connection or AT2E mini printer

· Dimensions: 1020 x 800 x 1250 mm (Test block only)

· Weight: 230 kg (Test block alone)


Use :

Description :

The GBBT-AUTO Automated Glass Bottle Burst Tester is a fully automatic instrument for testing the internal pressure and resistance of glass bottles. THE GBBT-AUTO is equipped with a fully automated control system, the test cycle is carried out without the intervention of an operator. The data is then automatically sent to acquisition software.

Designed for easy use and maintenance, the GBBT-AUTO complies with ISO 7458:2004 standards.

The container pressure test consists of a predefined pressure point (pass test) or until destruction or reaches the maximum test pressure. Customizable pressure ramp-up rate makes it more flexible towards different testing requirements. Different cycle parameters, up to 16 pre-stored cycles, users can select the corresponding cycle quickly according to different products without changing the parameters. It is capable of setting up up to 4 stages for testing.

As a standard quality control instrument for the glass container industry, it provides an important technical reference for manufacturers to maintain or improve the quality of their product.


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