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About us

AT2E was established in May 1989 by Mr. Alain DESVEAUX in the Paris suburb.

AT2E means “Application of technologies in electrical and electronic “. Since AT2E has never changed her name and been known for a long time, we are experienced for more than 20 years as a leading company in quality control instruments.

The first job of AT2E was to program PLC and install wiring cabinet, electrical motor system and gear boxes.

From 1990, AT2E had decided to import some quality control equipment such as torque testers and force gauges.

In relation with the knowledge in PLC system, AT2E has been contacted by Coca-Cola in 1990 to integrate a manual torque tester into a half automated system permitting  to avoid human influence on torque measure.

Then from this date on, AT2E decided to produce her own range of torque tester (further to a L’Oreal request). The first prototypes had been sold immediately in beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industries.

Today, AT2E has developed many others equipment in leak testing, force testing, dimensional measuring, torque testing, burst testing, etc… Basing on the quality products and excellent service, AT2E has established a good reputation in customers from food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and packaging industries.

Nowadays, AT2E has her offices in Europe, America, South America, Central America and Asia. More than 30 resellers are working closely with AT2E in over 30 countries all over the world to satisfy customers’ various request of quality control.


Important dates for AT2E


AT2E started selling in all the target industries: Beverage, food, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, chemical and packaging


First starwheel system for torque testing


First automated bubble test machine     /      AT2E web site was on line


AT2E started selling in foreign countries


AT2E began contacting with resellers in many countries all over the world.


AT2E was able to provide technical service in many countries by her resellers’ partnership


AT2E USA office was established in Georgia


AT2E Asia (china) office and plant was established in south China

AT2E Central America was established in Mexico

AT2E South America was established in Argentina


AT2E online automated torque tester with weighing option totally redesigned and launched to the market


AT2E USA relocated to Los Angeles       /             AT2E seminar first held in China


Establishment of “Application of Technologies in Electrical and Electronic “

AT2E Logo

First sale for torque testing    /    First automated torque tester


AT2E made her own range of torque testers


AT2E developed and sell the first “bubble test” leak tester to Heineken (partnership)


AT2E French head office and plant renewed     /       AT2E seminar held in France

AT2E's mission

Supplying high technology and best quality products
Increasing our presence in our main target markets: Packaging, beverages, food, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries
Prompt answer to request
Listening to customer's need and developing the requested machine, improving our system to answer their need
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