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Aerosol explosion tester

Technical characteristics :

l Measuring range: 0-40 bar

l Resolution: 0.01 bar

l Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

l Unit: bar/psi

l Air supply: 5 – 8 bar

l Sample range: 25.4 mm (1") aperture,
standard 3-piece and one-piece aerosol can
Max diameter : 66mm
Max height : 300mm

l Output: RS232

l Power supply: AC 220V (AC 110V optional)

l Dimensions: 730 × 500 × 870 mm

l Net weight: 80 kg


l Printer

l QualiBurstPlus Software

Use :

Description :

The ACBT-1 is an instrument for testing the internal pressure resistance of aerosol cans (both for 3-piece aerosol cans and for one-piece aerosol cans). It has been widely used by manufacturers and users of aerosol cans. It provides an important technical reference to manufacturers to maintain or improve product quality and performance.

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