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Polariscope for preform

Technical characteristics :

Viewing area:

330mm x 150mm

Or 350x350 mm


400 (L) x 302 (W) x 305 (H) mm



Light source:

45watt (LED lamps)


220/240 volts


Use :

Description :

Many defects in PET preforms can be detected using PL-P. The preforms are exposed to polarized light highlighting stress phenomena.

These gloss defects are the result of reactions of the polymers during injection.

Color reflections observed in polarized light at an angle of 45° and 90° known as isochromatic brightness indicate the amount of stress and the reasons.

Polarized light also indicates the directions of effects

of stress.

The fault analysis catalog is also offered.

With an adjustable angular position, the PL 2 allows you to

work sitting or standing. It also allows the removal of

preforms in a stable manner for comparison.

Its large size also allows the visualization of preforms

for water fountains for example.

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