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Polariscope for glass

Technical characteristics :

Viewing area

130mm x 90mm

Total size

H 250 x W 260 x D 210 mm

Light source

2 x 9watt (Fluorescent lamps)


220/240 or 110 volts


Use :

Description :

Allows the visualization and highlighting of defects on preforms, and other glass or pet samples.

Polarization angle 45 and 90°.

Fault identification catalog available.

The phenomenon of stress during glass production has significant consequences on the quality of the glass. This has the effect of causing fragility in the samples. It is therefore essential to control this risk.

The glass “PL” (polariscope for glass) was developed to highlight various stress defects on glass products of all kinds.

The height-adjustable viewing platform allows for better adaptation depending on the type of product. A magnifying glass is also provided


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