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Preform and bottle measuring system

Technical characteristics :

· Sample dia.: ≤ Φ150mm

· Sample height range: 0 - 380mm

· Plate measurements: up to 6mm for PET, 15mm for Glass

· Measurement scope: General dimension of preform and bottles (including wall thickness difference, inner diameter and thread angle)

· Photography chip: 10 million pixels, black and white communications

· Lens: chromatic combination and confocal optics

· Display: computer

· Measuring accuracy: 0.002mm / 2µ

· Repeatability accuracy: ±0.001mm 1 µ

· Operating time: 35 - 90 s depending on parameters and samples

· Interface type: USB 2.0/3.0, Gigabit network

· Operating system: Windows

· Languages: English / French, others on request (with possible options)

· Power supply: AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

· Ambient working temperature: 10 - 36 °C

· Ambient working humidity: 20 - 60% Rh, no condensation


Custom drinking support

Use :

Description :

The Preform & Bottle measuring system is an automatic instrument for testing the general dimension of preforms and bottles, PET and GLASS. The instrument is designed according to the principle of confocal and optical chromatic refraction - optical multi-lens and segmented imaging, multi-segment parallel light, used to illuminate the preform or bottle to obtain the complete contour image.

The contour is extracted with high precision definition, which ensures that the contour is not distorted and the measurement accuracy is ensured. Meanwhile, by rotating the preform, and depending on the variation of refraction and reflection when light passes through the preform or bottle, the thickness variation of the preform is calculated based on the principle of light propagation .

Automatic positioning and measurement of preform dimensions, not only regular dimensions such as neck diameter, thread diameter and lock ring outer diameter etc., but also flashing, concentricity and overall height , etc.


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