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Preform and bottle measuring system

Technical characteristics :

Electrical power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 kW

Ambient temperature for metrology use: active temperature control: +15°C to +25°C

Hygrometry: less than 80% relative humidity without condensation

Maximum resolution: approximately 5 μm/voxel with a 9 mm diameter sample placed 11 mm from the output window (compatible with a temperature cell), 10 μm/voxel for a 18 mm diameter sample.

Actual resolution: possibility of separately visualizing a pair of lines on a reconstructed tomographic slice: 5 μm

Maximum volume scanned: diameter 180 mm - height 380 mm

Outer cabinet dimensions: 1325mm (W) x 890mm (D) x 1865mm (H)

Internal cabinet dimensions: 710mm (W) x 604mm (D) x 835mm (H).

Maximum height between rotation stage and cabinet ceiling: 685 mm (may vary depending on imager)

Maximum distance from generator/detector: approx. 590mm

Distance between focal point and imager: 620 mm

Self-protected cabinet with external leakage <0.5 μSv/h

Automatic door + lock

Single port access for user

Motorized sliding doors with large lead windows to view the interior unit.

Equipment weight: 1020 kg

3 precision granite linear motorized axes are used in this system and a precision rotation stage

· vertical offset: 275 mm

· lateral offset: 195 mm

· magnification: 480 mm

Motorized axes:

The mechanical system includes 3 precision granite motorized axes + 1 precision rotation stage:

Adjusting the magnification by moving the rotation stage closer or further from the imager or generator

· Axis 1: lateral axis of the sampling stage (190 mm).

· Axis 2: vertical axis of the sampling stage (270 mm).

· Axis 3: zoom axis mounted on granite base (approx. 466 mm).

Maximum load on the rotation stage: 5 kg.


Use :

Description :

CT system with an internal volume of 591 mm (W) x 685 mm (H) x 445 mm (D), with automatic door, equipped with a sealed (maintenance-free) X-ray generator, 130 kV, minimum size of the focal point of 5 μm and maximum power of 39 W, a flat screen detector with “real-time” acquisition, high-precision mechanical rotation stage and 3 motorized axes, acquisition and reconstruction computer and proprietary software to control the equipment and reconstruct the data.


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