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Packaging integrity testing for PET bottles

Technical characteristics :

l Multi-stations, contact us for the desired number

l Control by simple and complete touch screen automaton

l Stainless steel frame and structure

l Each station can be controlled individually (1 to 10)

l Automatic filling

l Automatic pressure adjustment during testing

l Suitable for many bottle formats

l Anti-Corrosion structure

l Explosion-resistant glass with good visualization during the test

l Secure set

Technical data:

l Test pressure configurable from 0 to 6 Bar (Contact us for other requests)

l Resolution: 0.01 Bar

l Units: Bar / psi

l Adjustable timer from 0 to 200 minutes (Contact us for other requests)

l Possible samples: 60 - 120 mm in diameter / 150 - 350 mm in height (others on request)

l 7” LCD touch screen

l Solution: Sodium Hydroxide (Na Oh) Solution 0.200%

l Recommended temperature: 2 – 50 °C

l Output: RS232 or USB

l Pressure (supply): 0-8 Baar (Supply ≥Max. test pressure)

l Water (feed) (≥ 1.5 bar)

l Power supply: 220 V

l Dimensions: 190×66×123 cm

l Weight: 260 kg


l Mini printer

l Mufti positions


Use :

Description :

The SCT-PLC Stress Cracking Tester was developed to test the resistance to Stress cracking of PET packaging, mainly blown bottles intended for carbonated drinks. The test puts pressure on bottles which are bathed at their bases in a soda solution (aqueous sodium hydroxide solution) in a secure enclosure in order to estimate the aging of the bottles.


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