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Fill Height Tester

Technical characteristics :

· Automatic detection of bottle height, liquid level, filling volume, etc.

· Automatic monitoring and recording of water temperature

· Automatic volume correction according to the water density and temperature relationship

· Automatic recording and display of measurement results

· Integrated PLC & touch screen control

· Three measurement modes:

- Volume to the brim

- Filling height and brim volume, measures the filling height according to the predefined filling volume, and choice to activate/deactivate the brim volume measurement

- Filling capacity and volume to the brim, measures the filling capacity according to the predefined filling height, and choice to activate/deactivate the measurement of the volume to the brim

· Automatic control of filling rate according to bottle specifications, improves measurement efficiency and ensures measurement accuracy

Built-in motion unit module, high speed and stability, easy maintenance

· Rich extension of optional accessories, including water recycling unit, mini printer and QualiVol data management software

· Memory of 30 products, 10 operators, batch number, sample number (password protected)

· Easy sample installation with auto-centering design

· Displays all information during the cycle: time, setting, operator, product, Batch number, Sample number, Result

· RS232 output

· Stainless steel design ensures durability of the tester

· Overload protection

· Sample range

- Diameter: 55 - 203 mm

- height: 150 - 440 mm

- Mouth diameter: 16 - 53 mm

· Weighing range of the balance: 0 - 5000 g (other range on order)

· Measuring range: 0 - 3000 ml (other range on order)

· Height resolution: 0.1 mm

· Volume resolution: 0.01 ml

· Accuracy: ±0.5% FS

· Air supply: 5 - 8 bar

· Power supply: AC 220V (AC 110V optional)

Dimensions: 695 x 675 x 1060 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 125 kg


· Model FHTT-1 with integrated top load tester

· Calibration pack

· Calibration pack

· Water recycling unit

· QualiVol data management software

Use :

Description :

The FHT-1 is an instrument developed by AT2E to measure filling volume and brim volume in different containers. The automated measurement process provides better repeatability and reproducibility.

The FHT-1 adopts high-precision liquid level detection system, which real-time detects the liquid level and automatically adjusts the water filling rate accordingly, then obtains the weight through a precision scale. once the filling process is complete. The measurement result will be displayed on the screen after the measurement process and the test report can be printed directly by the mini printer specified by AT2E.

The FHT-1's accuracy meets the requirements of ISO 8106, while the instrument's flexible mode settings are widely compatible with various internal standards established according to companies' measurement needs.

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