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Multitest controller integrable online or in the laboratory

Technical characteristics :

· Stainless steel housing with safety door design

· Online testing, unattended testing process, cancels all influence factors of operators during the testing process, much higher reproducibility

· Servo control and automatic sample detection system with programmable controller and touch screen control

· Custom operating screens and multiple test cycles

· Design compatible with quick-change bottle adapter inserts and clamps for a variety of different bottle types

· up to 30 product information, 30 groups of thresholds (limits) and 10 operator information. Test information is displayed on the screen, such as test cycle / product information / operator / lot no. / sample no., etc.

· Password configuration (administrator)

· Automatic recording of measurement data during the testing process (up to 1000 groups of records), send data or records in real time.

· RS232C output for printer or data acquisition system or AT2E data management software. The software has data statistics and analysis functions, can generate charts and special reports. The software is CFR21-11 / FDA compliant

· Language: English/French/Chinese

· Special automatic mode with head number - charge storage

· Three different alarm alerts - buzzer, indicator light and on-screen text alerts to notify the operator first in the event of an abnormal situation

· Integrated precision balance for weighing control, accurate and easy to maintain.

· Application angle control module adopts the latest AngleVIS visual inspection system developed by AT2E, automatic AI inspection with proprietary inspection model developed in-house, phenomenal compatibility and high expandability.

· Torque control by dual servo system, with the specially developed CapWIS cap tightening system, providing superior accuracy and reliability for measurement data.

· Automatic leak detection and neck piercing system for efficient tightness control, internal pressure measurement module can be integrated, with the general water immersion test method, visualized and reliable.


· Torque control module (non-destructive testing applicable)

· Weighing control module

· Application angle control module

· Internal pressure control module

· Tamper ring performance monitoring module

· Compressive strength performance monitoring module

Other custom control modules

Use :

Description :

ADAITS Online Automated Integrated Tester for Bottled Beverages is a fully automatic quality control system specially developed for bottled beverages developed by AT2E based on its years of experience in instrument design and production, and meeting customers' application requirements. The ADAITS consists of different test modules, which can be integrated to test torque, weight, application angle, sealing performance, internal pressure, compression, etc., and each module of test can be freely combined according to demand to satisfy customers' different testing requirements. Fully automatic testing process and provides test data for instant inspection, the entire testing process is free from human intervention, which CANCELS operator influence factors to provide optimal quality control with results more precise and reliable and better reproducibility.

The system can be chosen to be installed online with automatic sampling or installed in the laboratory as a semi-automatic quality control system with manual sample installation, providing solutions.

flexible for managing customer quality control


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